Friday, December 07, 2007

Snow is for the Mountains, not where you Live

It snowed all day Wednesday. Huge, fluffy, white flakes all... day... long.

Spent the day in Tyson's Corner and Alexandria and just watched the snow continue to fall.

If its going to snow there better be mountains close by to snowboard on. But no. This is the East Coast. No mountains, only tiny little hills.

Oh well, at least its wintery gorgeous around here.

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Connie said...

Hi! Don't be too sad about the beautiful fluffy Just be glad is wasn't high winds, rain and flooding like we had out here in WA and OR the same week as your snow. We had a tree go down in the yard but missed the deck by about 2 ft. Many others here weren't as lucky. We were out of power for only 14 hours at my house. Your other aunt was out of power from Sun. night until Thurs. afternoon. No cable TV for almost a week and my internet server was out until today! Talk about a double whammy of withdrawals! lol I love reading your blog and hearing a little about your lives out east...keep it up! ~crm~